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Body treatments
Relax and pamper yourself with one of our treatments
Body treatments
Relax and pamper yourself with one of our treatments

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You can come to us for various massages, ranging from relaxation massages, deep tissue massage to a hot stone massage, facial and/or foot massages.

But you can also come to us for Manicure, Pedicure and Waxing.


The skin is massaged by the rollers of the LPG machine, which causes cellular stimulation: "dormant" cells are awakened to resume their natural work.... So this process is 100% natural and painless! The body does its own work, we only encourage it.


Reduce Celullite, firm the skin and break down local fat.


A full bush of hair is, of course, very nice to have. Unless that bunch of hair is on the chest or under the armpits!

If you want to get rid of unsightly hairs on the face or body, you can enjoy hair-free, soft and smooth skin for up to several weeks with waxing.

We work with the skin-friendly tea tree wax.


A cosmetic foot treatment is a moment for yourself; a treat for the feet and an excellent way to pamper them pleasantly.

The treatment consists of a footbath, cuticle care, filing and possibly cutting, applying nail polish and a caring foot cream.

We work with Tea tree antiseptic products. An extra foot mask or massage are also possible.


Due to external influences, your hands may be dry and your nails may be in poor condition.

The ideal care for your hands and natural nails is a manicure treatment. After this, your hands and nails will be in perfect condition again.

Besides the normal manicure, you can also come to us for the Shellac manicure. This gel-based nail polish lasts longer.


A massage improves the blood circulation, is healing for muscles and joints but, above all, is relaxing. In addition, a good massage improves the immune system.

Experience the benefits of a relaxing massage, a deep tissue massage or Hot Stone massage. There is always a massage that suits you. In consultation with you, we will adjust the massage to your wishes.

If you have any questions about our massages and/or our other body treatments, please contact us.