BodyGliss Care & Comfort (100 ml)

Care & Comfort – 100ml – Pure

BodyGliss Care & Comfort helps with vaginal dryness and makes intimate contact carefree and pleasant. Only the purest, highest quality ingredients are used to soothe and moisturize.

With a touch of vitamin E known for its restorative effect on vaginal symptoms.

ƒ 41 Incl 6% OB


Bodygliss provides extremely smoothness and softness and a long-lasting effect. The silicone-based formula provides a protective layer. Gives you a comfortable and safe feeling about intimate moments.


BodyGliss uses the high-quality pure and more expensive variant DIMETHICONE silicone oil in a high percentage which gives a protective layer and a high gliding ability. The cheaper cyclopentasiloxane present in most brands has been omitted for environmental concerns. Furthermore, Vitamin E has been added for its healing effect. Naturally, BodyGliss Care & Comfort is hypo allergenic, suitable for the most sensitive moments and completely hormone-free.



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