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Permanent makeup
Natural eyebrows & beautiful eyeliners

A well-kept and
natural look

A well-groomed appearance where you stand out and not the make-up! Treat yourself to the luxury of professionally applied permanent make-up. Beautifully shaped eyebrows and tight eyeliners. Ideal and easy.

Angelique Felisie is a skin specialist with more than 18 years of experience and has also specialised as a master in permanent make-up

Natural make-up is what I stand for!

A new PMU consists of 2 treatments.

Before we start with the pigmentation, an informed consent will be taken. Then the desired shape is drawn and the colour determined. The first treatment will take about 2 hours in total. Immediately after this treatment, the colour is always darker than the final result, because the colour still has to develop as a result of the skin renewal process. After the treatment you will receive a form with the aftercare instructions.

After 4 to 6 weeks you will return for the follow-up treatment. This second treatment is necessary for a good end result and to fill in any rejections of the pigment. After the second treatment, the result is at its best. This second treatment will take about an hour.



Beautiful, full brows compliment the face shape and accentuate the eyes, but unfortunately not all of us are blessed with that. Of course, pencils and powders are suitable for temporarily improving sparse growth and poorly shaped or asymmetrical eyebrows, but if you are looking for a longer result, the hairstroke or shadow technique is an ideal solution. A solution that looks completely natural even up close and logically saves a lot of time in the morning.

We start with an intake in which we discuss your wishes. In addition, we examine whether the skin is suitable for permanent make-up. We think it is very important to give honest advice about the expected result. Sometimes the skin is not suitable for this technique.
For example when the skin is very thin, you have eczema or other skin problems.

During the first treatment of about 2 to 2.5 hours we will draw the eyebrows. This is the most important part and can sometimes take quite some time. We keep drawing until you are satisfied. A natural result is our priority, which is why we always take into account the facial contour, the bone structure and the growth direction of the own eyebrow. Only when you are satisfied with the shape do we choose the right color and start the treatment.


A permanent eyeliner is a good solution if you want to have defined eyes every day, without having to put in some effort and with a line that is impossible to run.

Don't forget the thick, unnatural lines of the past! Today there are different types of eyeliners, which can even be placed between the eyelashes. Discuss with the specialist what effect you want to have so that the eyeliner is completely according to your wishes. The duration of the treatment depends on the method; the average duration is between 1 and 1.5 hours.


Before and after care

New treatments consist of 2 sessions at intervals of 4 to 6 weeks for optimal results. During the 2 sessions, the pigment is applied layer by layer. in this way the best result is obtained and you will enjoy the permanent make-up for longer. This also allows the treatment to be built up slowly and a possible change can be made at each session, if, for example, you want it to be a bit stronger / more intense.

After completing the full treatment, it is advisable to undergo a follow-up treatment after about 1 to 1.5 years. If this is not done, the permanent make-up will slowly fade in a completely natural way.

To make every PMU treatment as optimal as possible, we provide the following advice, which serves as precautionary instructions, prior to each treatment session:

  • Do not drink green tea a few days in advance and do not take dietary supplements with Vitamin E, because the antioxidants may cause the PMU to be less effective.
  • Do not use eye drops or eyelash extension serum until after the egg liners have completely healed!
  • Do NOT drink alcohol 24 hours before the treatment and do not drink coffee or other caffeinated drinks for a few hours, this may cause bleeding during the treatment and it can increase the possible swelling after the treatment. Bleeding during treatment makes the PMU more difficult to stay in place.
  • Do not take Aspirin, Ibuprofen, or Naproxen 24 hours in advance… Paracetamol is allowed.
  • Do not take blood-thinning medications for 24 hours (consult your doctor)
  • Do not apply corticosteroid cream or ointment on the spot prior to pigmentation.
  • Do not exercise on the day of the treatment, heat from the body causes the pores to open and sweat (salt) can cause the color to fade more. (salt is also used to remove wrong PMU).
  • In addition, we advise not to schedule a treatment during the menstrual week, as the pigments may not take as well as possible and the treatment during this period is also more sensitive.
  • If you bleach your eyebrow hairs, it is not recommended to undergo this treatment; the chemicals will also bleach the pigment from the skin. The hairs may be dyed.
  • With an eyeliner treatment, the lenses must be removed. You should be aware that the lenses may not be able to be worn for several days (due to possible swelling and for better wound healing), so keep glasses handy. For healing, it is better to wear the lenses again after 72 hours and then rinse the lenses with sterile water before placing them in the eyes. On the one hand, because putting in and taking out lenses can cause bacteria, which can potentially lead to infections, and on the other hand, because lens fluid consists of a salt solution and salt pulls the pigment from the skin. 


After the treatment, the pigmented skin may feel a little irritated and / or tight and there may be a slight swelling. This is nothing to worry about and is part of the cure of the treatment. To allow the PMU treatment to heal as optimally as possible and to get the best result, we recommend the following advice as aftercare instructions:

  • The treated skin should be kept dry for 5 to 10 days. Take care not to apply water, body milk, lotion and make-up to the treatment site. It is strongly recommended to apply only a thin layer of viamine AD ointment to the treated skin during the first 5-10 days in the evening, in addition during the shower and before brushing your lips. The skin will heal faster and better in this way and then after 5-10 days the skin is closed and can be rewetted and made up.
  • The first days very small grains will form on the skin; these are tiny crusts. Let your skin shed these on its own and don't scratch them off to avoid scarring. The first week after the treatment you should also not use the sunbed and avoid the natural sun as much as possible. The pigment shedding will take place during the 3rd and 4th day and will make the color less intense. If the aftercare instructions are followed carefully, you will experience virtually no discomfort and the skin will recover without any problems.
  • Do not drip wound disinfectants such as Sterilon or Betadine on the wound and do not stick plasters or gauze over the treatment site.
  • For the best healing and in order not to let the pigments fade, it is better not to exercise for 5-10 days, go to the sauna and / or the swimming pool. Sweat (salt) pulls out the pigments.
  • Avoid direct sunlight or tanning bed light as much as possible (as possible) for the first seven days. In the future, if you go out in the sun, try to protect the PMU by applying a factor of 30 or higher.
  • It is better not to use a chemical peel for six months after the pigmentation. In addition, it is also not recommended to use Retinol-containing (Vit A) products or peelings on the PMU for 30 days after the treatment.

Frequently asked questions

Every skin is different and reacts differently to the pigment. Just after the treatment, the eyebrow color is much darker than the final result. This is because there is still pigment on the skin. In the following weeks, the color will also lighten due to the skin's natural cell turnover, which can make it appear up to 50% lighter. But this differs per person. One person has a lot of pigment rejection, the other hardly. The type of skin, medication and smoking can influence this.

It often happens that the strokes do not stay tight in the skin, this is called migration, which can have various reasons, eg oily skin but also if the aftercare has not gone well. When rubbing too much on the skin or when moistening, including a lot of perspiration. Then salt is released and this also causes migration or allows the pigment to largely fade.

Even if the skin bleeds during the treatment, this can prevent the pigment from attaching itself properly to the skin. During the follow-up treatment, which will take place after 6 weeks, the eyebrows can be turned on and updated again. To avoid infections, touch the permanent make-up as little as possible with your hands. Only blot the treated area with a clean tissue and try to keep it dry as much as possible.

To enjoy your Brows for as long as possible! you will need a follow-up treatment, also called touch up, about every year, this is when you want to have the old shape updated.

If you want a new shape, for example wider or longer eyebrows, you will need more than 1 follow-up treatment.

This differs per skin. Every skin reacts differently to the pigment in terms of retention or rejection. One will need a follow-up treatment within a year and the other only after a year and a half. On average, a post-treatment will be required after 1 year to maintain the shape and color.

Other factors that influence this include sun exposure, skin undertones, age and the frequent use of chemical peels. Keep in mind that you need a follow-up treatment, touch up, once a year.

Don't wait too long to schedule a follow-up treatment. Otherwise you run the risk of needing more than one touch up.

The eyebrows will look darker just after the treatment, because the pigment is also on the skin. And in some cases they are a bit swollen. Keep in mind that the treated skin should not get wet for at least 5 days. Be careful while showering. Do not plan to visit the beach, swimming pool and sauna during this period and try to take it easy during exercise because of sweating. In addition, you will receive an ointment with which you have to rub the eyebrows once a day, for 5 days after the treatment.